L2MARRON: offline


XP Rate: x150
SP Rate: x150
Party XP/SP Rate: x2
Drop Rate: x2
Spoil Rate: x5
Ancient Adena: x5


Normal Rate: 100% - Only PvP -
Crystal Rate: 75% - Vote/Event -


Faction System with automatically change map
Special Guards for good and evil Team
Special Walker Guard for good and evil team
Special Pray npc for take control from map - castle zone

--> Special Enchant system <--


1-7 = 30 kills
8-14 = 60 kills
15-18 = 120 kills


1-7 = 60 kills
8-14 = 120 kills
15-18 = 240 kills


1-7 = 120 kills
8-14 = 240 kills
15-18 = 480 kills


Faction Map: Faction Map system have some flags. the two teams
he fight for take all control of flags so if faction player have take control
from all flags is winner of map.
Faction Point per kill + flags: The Faction team we have most flags he take more point per kill

System per Kill's:

player with one kill = 1 adena
player with one kill + 1 flag = 2 adena
player with one kill + 2 flag = 3 adena
player with one kill + more flags is + 1 adena more.

Owner Map System:

The one player from team he have choice to take control of map or from castle.
And if player is in clan and is leader he take the castle.
But if you are not Leader and you are a member of clan you have a choice to take control
from a map or castle. But you can take only one castle end you need protect it from
enemy because some other from enemy he coming for take your glory.

VIP System:

VIP system is a new idea from L2Marron team and with vip account you can use .dressme system
and you can boost your reward from kills.
You can ask GM how to take VIP account.

Event Engine:

l2Marron server he have something special event TvT, CTF, DM, Simon Say,
Last man Stading, Lucky Chests, Russian roulette, battlefield
and more.
The events he change every month and he use new events

Special Commands:

.dressme [Choice your visual armor/weapon]
.maps [You see map running, Next map, Time left]
.register [Register to events]
.unregister [unregister from events]
.online [Online players + faction online players]
.points [You See Points in round, overtime points, your team points]
.getreward [Vote your server]
.info [you see item from another char]
.countinfo [You see how much more point you need for enchant your weapon]

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